10 Ways to Be Productive While Studying at home

Being productive while studying
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We as students are struggling a lot studying at home. Before the COVID outbreak, things were simple but now it is more difficult. Screen time has also increased as time passes. For a quick guide, you can go for a walk or jogging for 10 minutes. You can also do your hobbies in your leisure time. Daily revision is the best method for productivity. Let’s learn how we can be productive while studying at home.

We all know that old saying “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body”. So, productivity does not mean only being fruitful in terms of study or in a certain field but it can be derived as the overall development of the body to do any necessary thing either study or work.

Engaging study table

A decorative table
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First of all, if we are talking about how to be productive while studying then it is most important to know your study table plays a very vital role in productivity area. We all study but only a few have ideas on how to use the study table. Your table should be engaging. Simply, it means that it should be near to your like, something related to your hobbies.

You should have sticky notes on your table. A sticky note can be important for remembering any important task. You can have To-do notes, this note can be your assistance which will assist you. Your table should have something which is colourful. Colourful things are like a mind booster. You can have a light green colour studying room. Light green is refreshing and is a sign of newness and creativity.

Schedule your plan and stick to it

Plan of to-do
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Everyone makes a plan but only somebody sticks to it. You can make a list of plans for your day and what you have to study. Some outdoor activities can be added. You can give more time to your tough subjects and give some more time for revising those tough subjects.

Following a pattern is always a tough task to do but for productivity, you have to stick to your plan. You can follow the 21-day rule. In this rule, you have to be regular for 21 days and the mind will accept it as a part of your daily routine after 21 days. You can add some fun activities to your plan. Therefore, your mind should not get overburdened. A student should be in a light mood and should not take the burden.

There should be always 30 min room in your plan for any work which you haven’t completed.

Go for walk or light exercise

Walking alone
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If you are continuously studying for 2-3 hours with only 5-10 minutes break then it is recommended that you should go for walk or light exercise. Walking is best because you don’t have to do much more, only you have to observe things. I have read somewhere that “A good observer, a good listener is a good learner”. So, we can say that we do not have to only learn our books and lessons but our surrounding gives us much more.

Light exercise can also help your body. Studying for 2-3 hours continuously retard your mind and your body too. Therefore, performing a light exercise will always help you. You can perform stretching exercises for your muscles. This will relax your body’s tiredness.

Peer help is the best help

Peer help
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We all know, how much friends are important in our life. How you will perform during your academic days depends on who are your friends. Friends are the ones who are close to each other. You can ask about any problem related to your study. In fact, you can ask them about your personal life.

A good friend is always one who finds the balance between your personal life and academic life. Peer help is the best help means anything you will find difficult they will make it easy and the same you will do when your friends will be in trouble. You could ask your friend to explain the topic which has been taught in your classroom. They will explain it to you in the simplest language. So, you can ask your colleague or friend to help you when you needed.

Stick to your hobbies

Sticking to hobbies
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Whether you are studious or a dumb guy, you should never step back from your hobbies. Your hobbies make you energetic and inspire you to turn your hobby into your dream. Hobbies are the things you want to do for fun and for your happiness. You want to spend time what you like in your leisure time.

You can simply distribute your time and give 30 minutes to your hobbies. Giving only this much time will improve your act of doing things. You might be more efficient in doing the work. Hobbies refresh your mind. You find yourself happy, calm, and at ease in doing the work.

Start with your favourite subject

Prioritize your favourite subject
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We all assume that if we start well all the journey will be well. So, if we choose our favourite subject as our 1st subject to study then, we can hope our study will be complete as it is scheduled. You can choose your own subject. As my favourite subject was physics. So, when I have to study I would always take my physics book.

Nowadays everything is online you can search for anything. If you searching for anything you will get the solution in text format and video format through which you can learn easily. Now, technology is everything. You can see the huge benefits of technology and we are living in the era of technology. Now, anybody can’t imagine how much things have changed in the last 1 decade. You can know about your favourite things in a minute.

Virtual meetings with experts

Virtual meeting
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When it comes to knowing about anything deeply and thoroughly, you need experts. Nowadays everything is going digital so hiring an expert is also too easy. Even if are studying in a high-class school in your town or city, sometimes your teachers are failed to solve some of your problems. So, you have to either pay somebody else or wait for your teacher. If you choose the first one then you are in a virtual meeting with an expert and they will solve your problem.

People are spending millions for their business only to take suggestions and how to operate their business. Virtual meetings are becoming necessary because experts know how to deal with the problem as teachers do.

We as students often do virtual meetings via zoom meeting, google meet and many more meeting apps. So, we are actively taking part in these types of activities.

Regular 5-minute break

5-minute break
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According to experts, it is been always said that for every 45 minutes of deep study you should take at least a 5-minute break. You can go out of your room for 5 minutes. In much research, it is found that a 5=minute break technique is the best for your mind.

With this technique, you are in the best position to be productive. You are not going to break the flow and momentum of your study. You simply have to go for a “stretch” and walk for 5 minutes. It will refresh your mind and allow your mind to produce new and creative ideas.

Daily revision

Revising the subject
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Daily revision is the foremost important thing to do when you want to be productive. You have to give at least 1 hour to your subjects for revision this will ensure your command on your subject. You can roughly see headings and subheadings and recall what you have studied on that topic.

Every subject has its way of revision you can’t mix it up. Like, firstly if you have to do a revision for your mathematics subject then it is recommended that you should revise its formula and one question for each type. Secondly, if you are revising a science subject then you can draw a related diagram and make a flow chart to understand it easily and quickly. And thirdly, you can analyse what is most important and read it.

Spend sometime alone

Spend time alone
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Spending some time alone is also a very good idea everyone should follow. You can see everyone is busy and nobody is seeing themselves. So, as students, we do the same type of things. We only focus on studies but lack to groom ourselves and our needs. Our body needs rest and some alone time. It needs silence but due to friends and peer pressure, we are unable to do so.

When productivity comes to our minds then we should think of ourselves. We should think that how much time we have spent on ourselves. In a study, it is found that in one week if you are spending 3-4 hours on yourself alone then you tend to be more productive.

Sitting alone for half an hour can be more fruitful if you introspect. You can look at what you have done wrong and what you can do more things to be more productive. You can think of your method of studying if it is not worthwhile.

These are the 10 ways anyone should use if he/she wants to be productive in their studies at their home. Studying at home needs more concentration and dedication. So, you can share this post if anyone is confused about their studies.

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