10 Ways to emotionally bond with toddlers

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Parents think, about what should they add so they can emotionally connect with kids’. It can be an easy task to do but in doing so you have to keep in mind that be in the present. Give your time to your children. So that, let them tell what they want to tell you. Engagement with them is the main key to building relationships and bond with toddlers.

An Indian spiritual guru Jagadish Vasudev known by the honorific title Sadhguru said “if you spend quality 5 minutes with your kids then it would be equal to 5 days”. The only condition is that be present with them mentally and listen to them what they want to say.

Parenting is not what you have planned before you have kids—everything changes with time. Now, you don’t have that much time to be with your kids. So, we will talk about some easy ways to bond emotionally with toddlers.

#1. Building emotional connection

Bond with toddlers
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Building an emotional connection with your kids is the foremost important thing to do. It strengthens your relationship bonds. Generally, the emotional connection between parents and their kids is lost as they grow. Toddlers often want there should be anyone who can play with them. This build-up a strong emotional connection. Reconnecting to your kid can be so soothing for you as well as to your kid too.

#2. Play with your kid

Parents playing with their toddlers
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Today’s way of living has changed totally from two decades earlier. People don’t want to interact with others and so they do with kids, not to interact with others. In this kind of society, they need extra time from their parents. So, increasing your playtime with your toddlers is the best way to stay connected to your kids.

Playing for about 1 hour can be good. Therefore, you can play any outside game that your kid likes to play. There are some famous games which you can play with your kids like Tag, Hide and Seek, Hopscotch and sack race. You can start any new game on your own. In studies, it is found that toddlers like to play outdoor games more than indoor games.

#3. Create something together

Craft time for kids
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Toddlers like to build something together. They need guidance to complete that task. Crafts are very interesting to them they like to create new things. For example, if you want to make a photograph stand then ask them to build up the stand. You can take an ice cream stick and say to colour it. They will find it interesting doing so.

You can make any DIY things by seeing any video or any thought if you have. If you can build these things in your garden or on your lawn that would be more productive for their motor skill and mental skill. So, creating such things in an open space is always beneficial for toddlers.

#4. Let your kids teach you something

toddlers teaching their parents
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Toddlers are great learners. They grab each and everything no matter whether they are right or wrong. Learning anything with toddlers is always a special thing they will teach you within the learning process. They always co-relate things with each other in their surroundings.

Work around their interest

Kids like to be around their interests like my cousin brother is obsessed with trains. He finds it interesting to know about the train and how it works. He loves the mechanism of the train. So, I bought a book for him and he was so happy. Therefore, we can see that if we provide the things of kids’ choice, they get a lot of happiness.

Many kids like to do the painting. So, you can provide them with non-sticky paint to paint their bedroom and decorate it in their way and you can guide them on how to decorate the kids’ rooms.

Learn what they know

Learning from toddlers can be interesting if you ask them about their interests. As we already know toddlers are great learners, they remember things exactly what they are. You can learn what they know. You know many unique and interesting things. Similarly, they might have any interest which is rare and they have good knowledge about that topic. So, you can ask them to teach you. This will strengthen your bond and they feel much happier when they will teach you.

#5. Be Mentally present with them

Parents enjoying with toddlers
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Parents often think that spending time with their toddlers will improve their relationship with kids’. But, as a matter of fact, they are ruining the bond. Toddlers aspect their parents to be with them. If you want to spend quality time with your kids then you have to present physically as well as mentally. Engaging with them and giving your perception of what to do or what to not do develop thought in them. They understand how should they do the work.

Your experience will help them to build up thoughts about any sort of thing. Toddlers always follow their parents whether their parents are doing right or wrong. This means that being parents and spending quality time with their kids is a way to be disciplined and make them learn manners. In short, they should be guided properly for their good future.

#6. Give them a small task

Work done!!!! High five.
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As toddlers are always ready for any sort of thing to do. Giving them a small task to them will make them feel that everyone should do a little bit of work. They should understand that any work is not bad or good. Developing a feeling that everyone should share some work is also important. Simply, you can ask your kid to give you water or any light weighted things.

#7. Screen time with your kid

Learn digitally
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Sharing screen time with your kids also makes your bond stronger and they can trust you. You can see any cartoon, animated movie or anything they like to watch. React to them when they want to seek your attention. They are active learners and learn things very fast.

In this world of technology, they have to know the benefits and consequences of the technology and its usage. Toddler wants that their parents should be with them at any point in time. Above all, they feel happy and joyful when they find there is someone who is with them and they are not alone.

#8. Talk like close friends

talking like friends
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Kids like to share when they found out about the secret. Kids’ primary preference is to tell it to their parents but it disappears as they grow slowly. This is due to a lack of interaction and strictness. Your way of talking to your kids decides how close your relationship with your kids is. So, if you tell anything interesting to them they will tell you the same and this builds the relationship between both you.

As kids grow everything changes. There is an automatic break-up in the bond, this is due to you both do not continue the same parallel things as you have done earlier. So, talking to them about normal things can continue the bond.

#9. Dance and Sing like nobody is looking at you

Dad dancing with daughter
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Everybody likes to dance and sing alone or with someone who does not judge them. Sometimes same happens with toddlers. Some toddlers are shy in nature some are not. Dancing with music and singing are on the favourite list of toddlers. They like to spend time in fun activities. Practising some random steps of dance always makes them happy learning these things can be prepared them for the future when they want to pursue their dream of dancing or singing.

You should be prepared for the challenges in life and can teach your kids something that they can use in their life. For example anyone’s condition in your life forces you to live alone then you will want to live happy alone then you can depend on these skills a live a happy life.

#10. A 10 Minute puzzle time

10 minute puzzle time
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Solving a puzzle is a tricky job but kids like to solve it. They like to solve block puzzles in which they have to rearrange the blocks to their original position. One of the famous and most liked by toddlers is the animated picture puzzle. Kids solve this type of puzzle on their mobile and laptops but providing them with a physical puzzle would be great for them as well to develop their motor skills.

These are the ways to strengthen the bond with your toddler.

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