8 Negative emotions will boost your energy

People are the victim of negative emotions. Some people overcome this situation some don’t. Some only overcome this negative situation and only a few change this negativity to positivity. And, the ability to convert feelings to positivity and boost your energy makes you a great person.

Everything has its pros and cons together. Even if a bad thing happens to you, you will always have something good, this is the only thing you have to see. Every day we meet someone who can be either of positive attitude or negative attitude only we have to take good and positive things from them.

#1. Disgrace

a person is disgrace
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We all face disgrace once in a lifetime and overcoming that feeling is really difficult for many of us. Disgrace makes you sad and dull. You become dull and can’t focus on your work. This all is due to someone saying negative things and you can not control it. Some people do this to distract you from your path.

So, you have to do some simple things to change this negative energy into positive energy. Simply, ignore it and think that your work will show them who you are. You can smile and move on because they are not knowing your value. Put your all energy in the right direction without thinking of them.

If anyone is disgracing you, they are telling you that you are either different from him/her or better than him. So, they are pulling your leg. Stay motivated for your goal. Everything has its good and bad aspect the main thing is that we have to focus on the positive aspect to be successful.

#2. Hate

hate emoji
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If you are being hated by someone you will definitely feel bad about it. People often ask how to reduce hatred, and the best answer is to help them even if they hate you. As people hate when they get hated. But what will be the difference between you and them? Hate is a very strong feeling and people often worry about this.

For any negative energy, you should have done some easy task to counter it. You can be silent about those hatreds and critism or can absorb and change them to positive energy. Negative feelings can be of very high intensity and if you successfully change those intensities to maximum positive energy your way of living will be changed and you will feel more confident about your goal.

You can practise some normal things like ignorance should be a part of your life, reading holy books, reading autobiography. The autobiography of some famous personality will always lift you. Change your attitude, don’t care about what people say about you.

#3. Anger

Angry man
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We always see a quote “Anger is your biggest enemy” sometimes we feel it. Most of the people can’t control on anger and they react to it. But, the one who know how to control it can conquer the world. Our mind becomes destructive when we are angry and it is always said “Anger is short of danger”. So, controlling it is very important.

You can control anger by this famous trick. When you feel you are losing control of yourself then you can just close your eyes and count to 10. You can also smile when closed your eyes. Focus on those 10 digits and imagine you are writing it.

Our mind likes colours, if we imagine colours then our mind which was losing control due to anger, feels good and tries to stable it. This trick is recommended for younger people.

Anger is one of the powerful feeling and diverting this feeling into positive energy can be life-changing. Every people on the earth have anger but diverting it to a new destination can be the best practice. So, practising these two tricks can be fruitful to you.

#4. Bullying

Student bullying their classmate
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Bullying is an act in which anyone is being told about his/her inferiority or even punished for any mistake. This type of negative emotion sometimes leads to a traumatic condition for the victim. These activities are generally done by the batch mate or colleagues. It has been seen in many cases that bullying leads to suicide or attempt to suicide. So, there are many people around the world who want to live alone and they are living happily alone.

It is always not right to be quiet and listen to others. Sometimes, you have to reply and tell them you can take action against them. Taking action against them also gives you strong energy. You build up confidence and feel motivated. It has been said, “Attack is the best form of defence.”

A famous story of Mahatma Gandhi, when he started the Non-Co-operation Movement. The British government said to British Viceroy to shoot them or stop anyway. But, Viceroy denied doing so because he saw agitators were praying for the British government and saying, “Iswar Allah Tero Naam Sabko Sanmati De Bhagwan”. So, we can see that by praying for the one who is bullying you, can stop. And fills you with positivity.

#5. Teasing

Friends teasing their friends
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We love to tease our friends when we were children. But, as we grew this seems to be annoying and sometimes people get a negative feeling about that. People regularly say words which provoke you and you get annoyed. Generally, it is mild sometimes it becomes harsh.

You can do certain practices to change the negative feeling into a positive feeling. Like, at first you can be silent and just be mean to your work. Secondly, convert all your anger into energy and work hard to reply to them when you become successful. Thirdly, you can do your efforts to amend that bad habits or anything they are teasing you about. And lastly your future matters to you so you have to think about how you can deal with it.

#6. Frustration

Frustration whiile doing work
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Frustration is a word we have some day or other. If we can not do any work we get the frustration. Like if I can’t do my work according to my schedule if get frustrated. I am a businessman and I have to do many things so someday I can’t complete my blog then I feel frustrating. Daily I have to set certain goals for each thing as for blogs.

You can develop a feeling that at any cost I have to do my work or if you are unable to do your work then schedule it for tomorrow and do that work the next day as a first priority. This simple strategy, I like the most.

There are some simple reasons for unnecessary frustration. Firstly, if you do not take sufficient amount of meal then it can cause. Secondly, sometimes dehydration causes frustration so hydrating yourself can end up the frustration.

#7. Jealous

She is feeling jealous for not having mobile phone
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Jealousy is common in people. We all feel jealousy for something we don’t have or anything we are thinking about and not getting. This feeling gives you the motivation to do hard work and own what you are looking forward to. Feeling jealous gives you the energy to work hard and tell people what you can do.

Jealousy can be controlled by our own minds. Jealousy is an act of distraction of the mind for different things. Your mind thinks this is good but this is luxurious and so you find luxurious things attractive. Keeping your mind in peace and doing meditation can control your mind and distraction.

#8. Lazy

you are a lazy lad, you are about to boost your energy
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Being lazy is always not a negative thing, the thing is only you have to do your work and do it in the smartest way. People are preferring a smarter way rather than hard work. People think that being lazy is bad and so they feel bad about it. Sometimes due to our body, we feel lazy and for that, we can do exercise and play games.

You can be a lazy person but if you do any work within time and take less time to do that work then you can feel proud to be lazy. Doing things late and in a lazy style can affect the work. Generally, it is been said that being lazy is the way to do work smartly.

We all know about Bill Gates. Currently, the world’s 4th richest person once said, “I will always choose a lazy person to a difficult job. Because he will find an easy way to do it.”

These are the 8 Negative emotions that will boost your energy and teach you how you can stay motivated towards your work.

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