About Us

What is Techy Gold Leaf?

Techy Gold Leaf is a English website which provide knowledge about new technology. Here we tell about some top trending gadgets, tech news and some future concepts which can be possible in our future. Technology is all about adopting new concept of growth. So, providing future concept of science and technology make our reader stay updated what technology is coming in next few years. I work individually on this website.

Who I am?

Prashant Jaiswal

Till now I have told you about this website, what you can read here. But now, I’m going to tell you about myself. I Prashant Jaiswal is sole writer of this website. From 2021-2022 I was a computer teacher of a Convent School. I want to tell and teach a large group of people about today’s technology and future concept based technology so I left the job and started this website.

This is my first website which I have started in july 2022. I feel joyful in writing and reading about technology. I have completed my Graduation and Post-Grade from Allahabad State University.

Why I have stated this blogging journey?

Most of the bloggers who thinks to start a blogging journey is because they like to write and read. But in my case the scene is little different. As in Indian education system technical knowledge is like nothing and I like to pursue my dream in teaching about technology. So, I switched on blogging by which I can teach a lot of people at a same time and my content will be there always.

This is all about how I have started my Blogging journey.