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Robots and AI are the future of technology. The last 5 years have totally changed the world of technology. Robots are replacing humans from every sector and so they are replacing housemaids. Like housemaids do cleaning, washing and making food, now robots are there to do their work efficiently. Here is the list of Home robots anyone should buy for their assistance and fun.

#1. Vector 2.0

#2. Dreamtech Bot L10 Pro

#3. Roborock S7+

#4. iVolve Pro

#5. ElliQ

#6. iRobot Braava jet 240

#7. Aiper Seagull Pro

These are the home robots anyone would love to bring home. If you have a good source of income then you should definitely go for advanced robots. Changing with time is a need of today’s world. People are getting into technology fastly. So, living in today’s world means staying connected to tech.

#7. Aiper Seagull Pro

Aiper Seagull Pro home robots

If you have a private swimming pool and want to hire someone to clean it, this robot is for you. Aiper Seagull Pro – The World’s Best Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner will work for you. This stunning-looking robot has some of the best features which others don’t have.

Firstly, its Quad-motor system makes it more powerful and strong. Secondly, the suction system is designed uniquely to give better performance in cleaning the pool floor. Lastly, Aiper has a dual-draining system to facilitate a better user experience.

The engineer has built it with WavePath Navigation System which makes it even better. Hence, this technology ensures complete all-around performance and cleaning in the best possible way. It can climb on the wall of the pool easily and cleans the wall too.

It can clean up to 3200 sq. ft. on one charge. When the battery gets low it automatically goes near the charging port to charge. It takes around 1.5 hours for a full charge which is very quick. In full charge, it can work for 3 hours.

Looking for modes, you will get three modes to operate it. One is an Auto Mode (Wall+Floor). The Second is, Only Wall and the Last one is, Only Floor mode.

#6. iRobot Braava jet 240

iRobot Braava jet 240

This iRobot mop robot is designed uniquely to clean hard-to-reach places. Its square size design allows reaching every corner easily. The jet spray does half the work. Therefore, it cleans hard-to-wipe stains and dust efficiently and effectively.

It is friendly to use and can be operated by a single button. Simply, attach the pad and press the clean button. It mops and sweeps well on the hard floor, wooden floors and marble. iRobot is best for your kitchen and bathroom. So, mopping and sweeping tiles would be great with this robot.

Smart engineering makes it smart and compatible, it has a Lithium-ion battery which gives around one and a half hours of backup. It has a built-in navigation system which learns and recalls your home dimension. So, you can operate it through your smartphone through an app.

#5. ElliQ


We all say that children and old people are alike and their behaviour is the same too. ElliQ is built for old age people. It is entertaining and engaging and designed in such a way that can brighten up your day.

It is smartly designed to be engaging in smart talk and assistance. You can enjoy music, stories, podcast, jokes and other fun stuff.

Because it is connected to the internet in real time you can surf current news, real-time weather, weather forecast, and sports update. It also motivates you to live healthier. The built-in feature will look after your wellness report.

Instruction will tell you what to do in emergency conditions and how to deal with the situation. It also has a stress monitor feature which will recommend you to inhale and exhale when you feel stressed.

#4. iVolve Pro

iVolve Pro

iVolve Pro is a Tennis ball-throwing machine. It is different from other tennis ball-throwing machines. So, is designed in such a way that it can behave like a human tennis player. iVolve Pro can move across the tennis court at high speed.

This robot-like machine throws the ball at high speed and in all directions. It can rotate at 360° to act like a real human. A new version of this iVolve Pro is still to release in 2023.

iVolve shoots the ball dynamically in all directions. It has to be controlled by a controller which also aims to throw the ball and the speed of the ball.

The intelligence of the iVolve pro becomes more effective and powerful when it can act as a referee. It gives precise decisions about the land of the ball.

#3. Roborock S7+

Roborock S7+

This Roborock S7+ robot is an excellent example of a robot which can mop and vacuum at the same time. This Roborock device is laced with dual features with a strong vacuum. It has an attached dustbin which is clean itself.

It has a multi-layer dustbin which filters the air and its extra smart feature allows it to clean for almost 120 days without emptying the dustbin. Its multi-layer air filtration makes your room clean and dust free.

It has Sonic mopping technology which clears almost everything. Sonic mopping technology scrubs the floor up to 3000 times per minute. It has 600g of mopping pressure which clears any dried mud or coffee stain within a minute and cleans the floor instantly.

Roborock S7+ can be customised by the time when to clean which room. Therefore, you can also customise the No-Go zone or create an invisible wall to protect something lying on the floor. This device gives 180 hours of battery backup. It is a complete package of AI.

#2. Dreamtech Bot L10 Pro

Dreamtech Bot L10 Pro

Dreamtech Bot L10 Pro is the best example of the combination of two features. Firstly, AI and secondly, that is machines. Like all above it is also a mopping household robot. It has a strong AI system. In spite of strong AI, it has 4000Pa of suction pressure. 4000Pa pressure can remove any type of dirt and can mop the floor easily.

We all know that Lithium-ion batteries are trustable. Therefore, it has Lithium-ion batteries which give 150min of runtime. When the battery discharges it automatically returns to its charging point. The dust tank is of 0.15 gal capacity, which is huge to store dust. Terms of the water tank, it has a capacity of 0.07 gal.

This moping robot’s feature can mesmerise you because of its technology and built-in LiDAR navigation feature. LiDAR navigation is a Hi-tech technology in mapping. It maps your home and learns all the walls and rooms. Hence, this navigation system draws a 3D image of your home. You can customize it for later or when you are not at home to mop and clean the floor. You can draw an imaginary wall to restrict it from going to any prohibited area.

#1. Vector 2.0

Vector 2.0

Vector 2.0 is the most advanced robot in this list and so it stands first. You can call your companion in simple words. Its feature is so amazing anyone is going to love it after meeting him. It is powered by AI and so it can do that much work which a simple robot can’t do,

In his specification, you will get a high-resolution camera, assistance, a long-life battery, and a strong manufactured body.

Vector 2.0 is totally designed to work on AI and so it becomes more beautiful when robotic art comes out. It reads each and every room and built self memory of the wall and each room of your house.

These are the top 7 home robots which you can buy in 2023 and bring home. Some of the robots on this list are totally AI-powered and perform better than all. The generation is changing very rapidly and daily something new is coming to replace the old one. Due to this people are losing their job which impacts a very bad effect on society. But at the same time keeping up with the technology is the need of today. So, we have to make a perfect combination with our society and technology too.

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