How to Be More Productive in Life -12 Ways

Woke up in the morning and thought today I’ll be doing productive things, then wasted the whole day. This routine we follow most. Living a simple life and at the same time being productive is not that easy. For that, you have to work hard. Working hard is not the only key, you have to be smart at the same time.

Today we are going to talk, about how we can be more productive only by doing micro changes in ourselves.

  1. Scheduling your day daily
  2. Prepare a To-do list
  3. Your Personal space
  4. Avoid time-wasting activities.
  5. Specific on what to do
  6. Learn from your past
  7. Changing your appalling habit in micro speed
  8. Big things take time.
  9. Prepare for your financial future – Savings.
  10. Develop an attitude toward what you want to be.
  11. Regular introspection.
  12. Reward yourself for your good work and big work.

#1. Scheduling your day daily

You have limited time. Your days are short but your life is long. You have to work on your day. Doing the right thing at right time is the main key to being productive. First, what you are doing? Second, how do you have to do your work and third, what should be your timing for that? If you find the answer to these questions then your scheduling for your day will be perfect.

One of the most underrated questions is. When should be your fixed leisure time? Yeah, remember the word fixed because in scheduling your day and working on that you disturb the timing with other things. Try to do the things at the same time. This will build up your self-confidence.

#2. Prepare a To-do list

A To-do list plays a very crucial role in maintaining the schedule you have created. You know what you have to do for your goal. Shortlisting the things and adding them to your to-do list, reduce the time for unnecessary thought periods.

Preparing a to-do list one night before leads you to good time management for the next day. You feel stressless for the next thing. You find mixing up the schedule and to-do list makes you more productive.

#3. Your personal space

Personal space is very important for productive work. You need to get rid of the disturbing element either from your house or from your workplace. In your work time, you have to be focused and for this, you have to be in solitude. Disturbing people will always distract you.

You have to find a place in your home, in your office where you find comfort. Give yourself time and work hard for your goal. You have to work on yourself till the end.

#4. Avoid time-wasting activities

Be an active person. You should know what is right and what is wrong. There is always something which can be neglected or can be done by someone else. So, sorting such thing save your time and energy. We face many problems related to our family, friends and work. Therefore, sorting it and doing important work and avoiding rest will increase productivity.

Your time is really precious and limited too. So, managing it is really important. If you want to reach your goal then examining each and every aspect of that job is crucial for you and then spend energy on that job.

#5. Specific on what to do

Having a focused mind towards your work helps you a lot. You need to be focused on your work. To clarify, don’t change your job every month. Like if you want to be a coder then work regularly on that and don’t leave it, in the middle. Staying motivated for each and every job would take you to another level.

Your distraction will always take you to none. You will always find yourself nowhere if your goal is not set. Always set a big goal because it will give you big happiness. And always be motivated for your goal.

#6. Learn from your past

Every person do mistakes but learning from that is big deal. If you examine your past work where you failed you will learn why you failed and what you can learn from that. You have to learn and try to not repeat that mistake again.

Learning from the past reduces the chance of failure again. You will feel motivated by yourself when you will deal with that problem again.

#7. Change your appalling habit in micro speed

Your biggest enemy can be your bad habits. If you have any bad habits then it can ruin your whole life and your productive journey too. In other words, bad habits will always lead to falling back in any field. You can trigger this problem slowly- slowly with time. Challenging habits always take time. But, working against it will be fruitful for you on some days. You can make a flow chart on the basis of that and reduce it by dividing it into months, then weeks and then days.

#8. Big things take time

Dreaming big, everyone can do but working for it can’t be done by everyone. This is the difference between a success and a failure. But the one who stands after failure and works hard and gives time will definitely succeed one day. So, being productive is not for one day or one month. You have to be regular and consistent for that.

Productivity always comes from hard work and systematic work. Small things always work together to make big. So, focus on your activities and actions to work on a big platform

#9. Prepare for your financial future – Savings

One of the most important tasks to do is to prepare for your financial future. To clarify, you should have some bank balance for your bad days. People always forgot to save for their future. Saving for the future is important because you can be in trouble at any time in life. The financial crisis is dreadful. So, there you can use that money. This is one of the main tasks everyone should do.

In the list of being productive in your life, you can follow it. I’m sure you will thank me one day for this advice.

#10. Develop an attitude toward what you want to be

Developing an attitude toward your goal is the primary thing you have done to reach your goal. Setting your mindset for your goal is really important to complete the work with perfection. Productivity also depends on how’s your approach toward your goal to fulfil it. Your mindset will drive you to your destination.

This is a very big step in the race of productivity with your older version. Your attitude will always make a difference in every decision on how it should work and in what condition.

#11. Regular introspection

Regular introspection is a key feature every person should develop in their living. It enhances the quality of living in the person. In other words, regular introspection is a process of self-examination regularly. In this, you have to check yourself about what you get and what you are lacking behind. As result, you add something you are lacking behind and stop doing the things or working less where you have expertise.

It is a powerful method from which anyone can cross-examine themselves. You find mistakes and amend them and this regular process leads to a productive life.

#12. Reward yourself for big work

In the book “Power of subconscious mind” I read that our mind is like a child because our mind and subconscious mind take for granted what we said to ourselves even if we are joking. So, rewarding yourself feels good for our subconscious mind. When you finish some big work always reward yourself. You will feel good. Therefore, rewarding yourself can be great for you in terms of productivity and your mental health too.

So, we can say for a big work like achieving a goal we have to work hard in every aspect of life. We have to be prepared for every challenge to be productive.


For being productive in life we have to work all around from physical to the mental level. Simply, we can change our lifestyle slowly so that our body would accept it normally. And by following these points anyone can have fruitful results from their messy life and leads a productive life.

😊 Thanks for reading 😊

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