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We live in a techno world, and our priorities have changed with time. Nowadays everyone is connected with technology. With the increase in the use of technology, the power of learning has been badly affected. Kids have started using smartphones at a very early age and this affects their capabilities so they need to know how they can improve learning power.

Self-prepare notes

In studies, it is found that what you do on your own, lasts for a long time. So, this works the same. If you will prepare your own notes you will understand things in better way and remember them for a long time. So you can prepare your notes in class or after class.

Self-prepare notes increase the concentration level and awareness in the classroom. Students have a habit to write important notes in their books. Instead, of this, they can write it on a page and paste it at the end of the chapter.

Overview of your next chapter

If you want a productive result in your class then overviewing of your next chapter should be on your to-do list. You have to know what the next chapter is going to be. Overviewing your new chapter will build up confidence and prepare you to improve your learning power at school.

You can see the summary of the chapter or Point To Remember, to know about the chapter. Prepare some very short notes which are very important to remember. In addition to it, you can see summaries on youtube videos.

Good night sleep

From childhood, it is always said that good sleep is very important for a child or an adult. So, keeping in mind anyone can take sleep for 8-10 hours. For adults, people recommend sleeping for 6-7 hours but for children, it is necessary to sleep for 8-10 hours.

In research, it is found that children’s growth is mainly dependent on their sleep. For better understanding and a good mental state good sleep is very important. The development of children’s intelligence happens when they sleep.

Revise your previous day’s work

Revising your work is very essential in maintaining the rhythm of your study. You need to see what you have studied and what you are going to study. Revising your chapter will ensure that you will see how things are connected to each other. So, a little smart work will reduce a lot of your hard work for your future.

Revising daily will increase your confidence in yourself. You will see the chapter are co-related to each other and you will find it easy to understand the topics.

The technique of daily revising is the best because you need less effort to do the work. So, this can be an example of smart work. Learning the topics collectively at one time, makes the chapter difficult to learn, even if you are a good learner.

Don’t bunk classes

Today’s generation has set their own cool things to do. And, in that list, bunking class is one. Students have their excuses and this makes things a little complicated in learning at school. They don’t want to bunk classes but they think this is a trend and they need to follow.

Bunking classes break the schedule of everything and also disturb the mindset to work smart for studies. There is waste of time as well as a waste of money. Therefore, Bunking class always have a worse effect on an academic carrier that everyone should stay away from.

Attend problem-solving classes

It is always recommended by everyone to attend problem-solving classes when you are having some problems related to your courses. Even if you think you don’t have any problem, you can still go there. Problem-solving classes are very important for everyone. Because its only motive is to solve different types of questions.

Problem-solving classes are the source of extra knowledge that everyone should have. If you have some sort of problem in your course then these classes are very beneficial for you. You will see many new types of questions from other students which will act as a constructive dimension in your studies.


Self-assessment is another important point to remember when you want to improve your capacity for learning. This point can take you from floor to floor. The main point to remember when you are self-assessing is to know your limitation and what you have to work on.

Self-assessment is the tool by which you will know what direction you should choose for your goal. You can do it by solving some sample test papers and mock test papers. There are many online mock test websites which define your progress. People are always confused by the word introspection with self-assessment.

You can check your progress after the end of each chapter, to know what you have learnt from that chapter. So, regular assessment is very important when you are in school for better results.

Doing your homework daily

Today’s generation is very careless about doing homework. Most of them ignore doing it because they don’t think it is important to do it. But, when you do it for some time you will see the difference before and after the result. If you do homework it will be easy for the teachers to know how students are learning and how the chapters are being taught.

It is easy for the teachers to know what improvements should be done to ensure good quality. Homework is another opportunity for the teacher to examine their taught chapter and how well it is doing for the students.

Do smart work not hard work

We are living in the technical world where we want things done quickly but when it comes to studies, nothing like this happens. We think cramming the subject would be a better option but it only works till primary classes. You can do smart work by revising the taught syllabus daily after school.

The study needs both smart work and hard work. It may be different for different individuals like someone who has good reflexes and will grab things quickly and easily. So, they need smart work and one who finds it difficult to understand the syllabus needs more hard work with smart work.

Studies should be a mixture of both smart work and hard work. Smart work increases the capacity to grab things with low effort.

Magic of Power Nap

We often hear about Power naps but, don’t use them in our daily lives. Imagine if we get only 15 minutes for rest, we might waste it on our coffee or thinking about what to do. Instead, of all this, you can go for Power Nap. Power Nap is short sleep for about 15-20 minutes.

You will feel fresh for the next couple of hours after Power Nap. Soldiers’ 2-minutes technique is the best practice for Power Nap.

Power Nap can be one of the best tools for academic life. Knowing the importance of Power Nap will change your life. You could sleep for 15 minutes and stay awake for a few more hours.

5-minute rule

If you are in your academic life then this rule is a must to know. The 5-minute rule simple says that if you are studying for long hours continuously then there will be a reduced concentration level and you can not focus as you should. You can also see the fall in results due to continuous study.

Actually, the 5-minute rule says, you should give a 5-minute break after every 45 minutes of study. This break fresh-up your mood and prepares you for the next 45 minutes. In this 5-minutes rule, you can do simple things like a walk outside your room in fresh air or practise inhaling and exhaling.

Stay hydrated

Water is very important for our life, it is important not only for living but also for us to work properly. Staying hydrated means drinking a sufficient amount of water at regular intervals of time. It helps to maintain body temperature and cools the body. It lowers stress levels and anxiety levels.

Staying hydrated affects memory, concentration, and lack of visibility, and often result in dry skin. So, if you stay hydrated you will find yourself in better condition than earlier. Adding some extra glass of water will give you some amazing results in your focus, attention, stress management, and in your feelings.

Use of notes

How do you feel if you forgot something which is very important or special things to do after your school? Yah!! you will be frustrated and spend some precious time remembering that thing. What if you use notes to write down the important things to do after school? You will find it easy to do because you have written plans to do that work.

Same you should use notes for your academic progress and well-being. You can write down your marks scored in-class tests. You can use it to write down your extra curriculum activities.

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