How To Make Money From Blogging – 10 Tips

Today’s generation knows well about positive effect of technology and everyone wants to work from home and independently. People are leaving their 9-to-5 jobs and want to start their own business or something on the internet. So, blogging is one of the options for working from home. Let’s be creative and make money from blogging.

Here, you can be your own boss and can work remotely. If you have a passion for writing, then you have the freedom to write here. You can work from anywhere in the world. If you are a travelling maniac then this job can be fruitful for you. This hard-working job pays you off good money.

The following step will be a guide to tell us how the blogging university works…

Basic things we will learn –

  1. What is a blog?
  2. What are the main types of blogging?
  3. Who can start it?
  4. What do we need in blogging?

What is a blog?

A blog is an article of discussion or an informational page on a website. Simply, it can be an answer to the question, a personal experience, a guide in any field and many such things. People share their personal feelings, personal experiences and their lifestyle.

What are the main types of blogging?

According to studies, there are mainly 2 types of blogs –

  1. Personal Blog – You write about yourself and your lifestyle.
  2. Sectional Blog – You write in different sections like Food, Tech, Medical, Business & Marketing etc.

Who can start it?

Anybody can start blogging there are no criteria for blogging. So, if you are passionate about it then you can start at the age of 13 years. The only thing you need is passion and enthusiasm. You should have a good grip on the language and its vocab.

What do we need in blogging?

Actually, you don’t need so many things in blogging. Only you should have your PC. The other thing you should have is your skill in writing. How you actually write and express your view on a topic matters most. Being a beginner is always difficult in any sort of thing. If you have the knowledge and you are an expert then it would be very easy for you to write about your expertise.

How much money you can make from blogging?

This question is in the top 3 questions to be asked for blogging. The amount of money differs from your experience. The more you have experience, the much more you will make money. This is the basic fundamental for earning money in blogging.

If you are a beginner and just started blogging or yet to start. Then, it would take time to monetize your blog? If you have started blogging it would take at least 1 year for organic traffic to your website.

How do you earn from blogging?

Earning money on blogging is not an easy task. You have to wait and work hard for your organic search and visit to your website or blog. You earn money from different sources like Affiliate marketing, Ads, Promotion, and many things.

On average, after 1 year of blogging, you can earn up to $500 to $1000 per month if you have visitors and organic searches to your website. A survey from My Work From Home Money shows a chart on how much bloggers earn from blogging per month?

How much people make money from blogging in percentage

Steps to Create your 1st Blog –

  1. Login to free website service providers like WordPress, Wix, and Instamojo.
  2. As a beginner, Create a free domain of your own (Use Catchy Domain Name).
  3. Search for your interest and then choose your niche according to that.
  4. Choose your 1st topic.
  5. Research on the topic and collect unique content related to your search.
  6. Write Plagiarism free content for your blog.

1. Login for free website builder service providers

There are many free website builder websites which allow you to create your first free website without any charge. They will allow you to choose your domain name (your website name) for free. You can check my free website which was my first website for free. I have used WordPress you can use it too.

2. Create your domain name

Creating a domain name can be tricky when you are a beginner. You can not choose what should be your catchy domain. A domain name can be related to your niche or can be your name. You can use any name for your domain name. The only condition for choosing a domain name is that you shouldn’t choose a name that has been taken earlier.

3. Work on your interest and select your niche

Searching for your niche can be easy and hard. If you have expertise in something then it would be great to work on it otherwise it can be tough for you to decide on your niche. After selecting your niche you can work on it and gain such information that would people like to read and people search for.

4. Choose your 1st topic

As a beginner, your first topic will not be as good as your tenth blog and your tenth blog will not be as good as your hundredth blog. So, working regularly will make you perfect. Choose the trending topic from your niche and start with a catchy title to attract readers to your post and website.

5. Research and collect unique information for your blog post

Research your topic and gather unique information about that topic and write on it. Use images, videos and creative language to write your first blog. You can search it from other websites and rewrite it in your language. Don’t copy a single line from other websites. You can use other websites as a reference and learn how to write a blog. How a successful blog writing is done includes some basic fundamental points that the content should be unique and plagiarism free.

6. Write Plagiarism free content for your blog.

A basic need for a blog is to be Plagiarism free. If you don’t copy a single line from the internet then, the blog is plagiarism free. If you copy a single line then your blog will never be listed on the first page of the search results.

These are the fundamental points that anyone should remember when starting blogging.

The basic need to make money from blogging

Blogging needs some extra things to work with. These are just simple things which carry big importance in your successful blogging life. These are –

  1. Regularity and Consistency
  2. Your sitting hours
  3. Your mental level.
  4. Reading habit

7. Regularity and Consistency

In the field of regularity and consistency, you should have a regular plan. Your next topic should be ready before the end of the current one. In a week at least 3-4 blogs you should post. For better results, you can post your blog at a fixed time. When Google crawler will crawl to your website and see that things are systematic then it would be nice for your website to rank higher and on the first page of the result page.

8. Your sitting hours

If you want to start a blogging career then you have to sit for hours because sometimes takes time to complete a post. You have to search for content related to it then, you have to rewrite it in your language and then you have to rearrange it systematically. Now, you have to find linked images and videos. So, long this much can take in the beginning.

9. Your mental level

Your blogging skill can differ from your mental level. If you are a broad-minded person then it would be great for you to learn new things and understand what it wants to say. A sharp-minded person is always surrounded by their own problem and can not figure things out. If you want to be a broad-minded person then it is time to read books and famous journals too.

10. Reading habit

Reading a book or reading a journal related to your niche can be very fruitful for you to start a blogging career. You could read any book, you can read an autobiography, biography, about any topic or some famous person’s book. In this career, you have to read lots of books to gain knowledge about your niche and your topic.

These are the basic tips to know as a beginner in the blogging world.

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