Most Expensive Brand of Smart Watch 2023

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Living luxo life means shedding money like water. Today having a Smartwatch is like new cool. Adopting new gadgets makes you attractive and vibrant. Here, is the list of the most expensive brand of smart watch in 2023. The brands in this list are well-known for their quality and newness.

1% of the world’s population has as much money as the other 99% and here the market for luxury items stays. There are many pieces of research found that the same item which is in the normal market hike price up to 10 to 100 times in the luxury market. So, buying these luxury items is going to break your pocket.

#1. GARMIN MARQ Driver Unisex Smart Watch

GARMIN MARQ most expensive brands of smart watch

This GARMIN MARQ Driver Unisex Smart Watch is the king of all. The company claims it has some of the most advanced technology which any smartwatch doesn’t have. As Garmin company say it has Tachymeter technology which calculates the approximate time taken to cover 1 Km or 1 mile and they also claim that they have a chronograph that combines well with the smartwatch to show real speed, time, distance, and any stopwatch functionality.

When you look for its feature. Firstly, you will find an inbuilt GPS system which sends live data to the related apps. Secondly, when it comes to connectivity it has Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity. Thirdly, this watch comes in a round shape which makes it more attractive. Lastly, Its extra smart technology makes it so expensive. If you see its price tag then will come with ₹2,37,490 or $2,878. This is the most expensive brand of smart watch.

#2. Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra is second on the list, which is a result of unique engineering. It has a titanium body with excellent strap quality for all types of seasons. Apple claims it has a Dual-frequency GPS system.

Its built quality is world-class with a 49mm titanium case, EN13319 certified for deep 40m ocean scuba drive. It is a complete health monitoring device with temperature sensing, sleep tracking, and ECG monitoring. The device is compatible to provide you with blood oxygen levels and your heart health notification.

An innovative feature makes this watch worth buying and this feature is SOS. This Emergency SOS system will call your emergency contact automatically. The price of this watch is around ₹1,00,000 or $1200.

#3. Google Pixel Watch 1.4 Inch OLED Display

Google Pixel Watch 1.4 Inch OLED Display

Google Pixel Watch is another smartwatch in this list which is unique in its type. This watch has some cool features. Due to the round shape OLED screen, it looks vibrant. Its silicon strap is very smooth and of premium quality. So, wearing this smartwatch will make you feel elegant.

This watch comes with an IP68-certified water resistance feature. The body is made up of stainless steel which makes it even heavier in comparison with other brands. The display technology is amazing because of the OLED display. There is some limitation in this watch which not should be like it does not have a speaker. Therefore, you should pass over some of its limitations and consider it a luxury smartwatch.

Its battery is 300 mAh which can last up to 3 days. It also has GPS and other sensors which makes it worth buying. The price tag for this watch is around ₹74,444 or $900.

#4. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro LTE

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro LTE

This smartwatch is 4th in this list and one in the luxury smartwatch list. Samsung Galaxy watch 5 pro comes with some amazingly cool features anyone should buy with this price range. You will find a sleep tracking system to know how was your sleep. So, these gadgets will always keep you ahead in this techy era.

It has an inbuilt BIA measurement tracking system which is an amazing technology this tells you about your fat and muscle mass. Further, it will tell you what is the water composition with your muscles.

Its Sapphire crystal OLED Display is so much strong that it is 1.6 times stronger against scratches. After all this, you will be amaze to know this watch is around only for ₹50,000 or $606.

#5. WatchOut Wearables’ MadGaze

WatchOut Wearables' MadGaze

This WatchOut Wearable watch looks so amazing you are going to at least try it one time. Its mulberry silicone is the main centre of attraction. It is LTE supported and has a built-in speaker. This model has only one colour variant which is mulberry red colour.

MadGaze supports Wifi, GPS Glonass and Bluetooth 4.0. It’s a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen with a 400×400 pixels resolution. It shows real-time stats of activities. Because it has access to LTE and has an in-built GPS system which shows google Maps and its exact location.

It also has enabled voice search with an intelligent search system which is one step ahead and a cool feature too. If you go at the price tag of this watch then you would surprise which is ₹22,800 or $280.

These are the top smartwatches which can be considered luxury smartwatches. Having luxury items build confidence within yourself and stay you motivated and directed you to your goals.

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