Most Googled Space Questions of 2022

Astronaut landing on space

Google releases the most googled space questions list of the year 2022. On the top 10 list, most questions are about Mars. People want to know more about Mars and property. Many people are searching for the cost of land on Mars. The top questions are like “how long does it take to get to mars” and “how many moons does mars have”.

Top 10 questions in the list –

how long does it take to get to mars

– Curiosity Rover took around 254 days to land on the surface of Mars.

what does NASA stand for

National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

how many moons does Mars have

Mars has two moons, the first one is Phobos and the second is Deimos.

is there life on Mars

Till today, life is not possible.

what is a asteroid

A small rocky body orbiting the sun.

how to become an astronaut

To become an astronaut anyone should have the following requirement –

  1. First, complete your Bachelor’s degree in a related field.
  2. Second, Long-duration astronaut physical exam.
  3. Third, complete 3 years of related experience or 1000 hours of pilot-in-command time on a jet.
  4. At last, 2 years of training.

can you hear sounds in space

Sounds exist in space, but humans can’t hear them.

what is the temperature on mars

If we calculate the temperature in Fahrenheit the highest temperature would be around 86°F and the low can be -284°F.

is space a vacuum

We can say “Yes” to the answer but there is nothing a perfect vacuum and space comes very close to it.

how many satellites orbit earth

Currently, 8261 satellites are orbiting around the earth but only 4852 are active as now in 2022.

Bonus Knowledge –

Mars is named after the Roman God of War. Due to the chemical reaction of iron oxide, its soil is red. As a fun fact, anyone can jump three times higher on Mars than on Earth due to the weaker force of gravity. In 2018, scientists found that on the southern pole of the ice cap evidence of a lake is found. In addition to this fact, the first spacecraft that landed on the land Mars is Viking Lander.

Why you can not use ball pen in space?

This is also the most asked question in India about space back in 2009-10 due to the movie “3 idiots”. The exact reason not to use a ball pen in space is that it can not flow due to gravity and can be leaked due to pressure in the reservoir.

FAQs asked about space

Ques 1. Can we cry in space as on earth?

Ans – No, we can not cry in space as we do on earth because tears will stick to our eyes as water balls.

Ques 2. What space smells like?

Ans – As in vacuum our nose does not work. But, during repressurized the surface of the spacesuit smells like a metallic aroma – like the smell of welding fumes.

Ques 3. What smells Mars?

Ans – As normally, humans can not smell Mars’s atmosphere because of the component mixture in the atmosphere. As researchers concluded that it would be like Rotten Eggs.

Ques 4. Why clouds are white?

Ans – As we know the sun’s light is white. Thus, it makes the colour of the cloud white.

These are the most asked FAQs on google. In addition, these FAQs are on the top for the last few years.

Space questions mainly comprise questions of – Firstly, Mars. Secondly, Spacecraft. Thirdly spacecraft lifestyle.

Thank you very much if you are here after reading all the way to here.

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