What Are The Different Types of AI

AI and its types

As AI is the combination of computer science and huge amounts of datasets to solve the problem. There are mainly 4 types of AI. Some of its types are in process while some are still to be started in future.

1. Reactive Machines

2. Limited Memory Machines

3. Theory of Mind

4. Self-aware AI

Reactive Machines

A Reactive Machine is a basic type of AI that instantly reacts to the current situation in real-time. In simple words, the machine which will answer the question spontaneously can be termed a Reactive Machine. As different machines have different algorithms on which the machines work, so Reactive Machines can be predictable for its result. It has certain inputs on which it gives output.

If you ask for the oldest AI, then Reactive AI was the first AI to come into existence. Moreover, it has limited access. The decision is not based on past experience or past decisions.

It is clear that it is not memory-based. This means it gives only instant reaction only on a set of questions due to its algorithms.

For Example –

  1. The first Chess-playing Computer was based on Reactive machines which beat World Champion Garry Kasparov in 1996.
  2. The filtration of spam messages is processed by Reactive AI.
  3. Auto replies are also operated by these Reactive AI.

Limited Memory Machines

Limited memory AI is the machine which uses previous data of asked questions to provide or give current question’s answer. So, these models evaluate and examine the fact and store data.

The main source of the knowledge is search history questions and their answer. In Limited Memory Machine it usually absorbs complex system and historical data. Just as the human brain thinks of any solution from a historical incident same it does.

Some examples of Limited Memory Machines

If you look into different examples of Limited Memory Machines then these are the leading examples –

  • Chatbots
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Autonomous Vehicle


Chatbots are an example of Limited Memory Machines. Basically, chatbots are such software programs which are built to mimic human conversation. Therefore, these chatbots use previous conversations with humans to predict or tell new things.

Virtual Assistance

In terms of virtual Assistance, it is also based on Limited Memory Machine. It is something which will do some of your work. Virtual Assistance can reply to emails, schedule meetings, plan your tour, and remind you of something. As a result, some of the Virtual Assistance are Apple’s Siri, Google’s Google Home Assistance and Amazon’s Alexa.

Autonomous Vehicle

Autonomous vehicles are based on Limited Memory Machines, LLMs, MLs and neural networks. Limited Memory Machines help to recall the vehicle to take the decision. Moreover, autonomous vehicles like Amazon’s ZOOX and Tesla are based on Limited Memory Machines. Nowadays many companies are building their own autonomous vehicle and Tesla is one of them.

Theory of Mind

Theory of Mind is a type of AI where the ability of the system to understand and know that humans have emotion, thought and feelings. They should understand human behaviour and their action in certain conditions. Recently researchers have found sparks of AGI which indicates that AI is also having senses and consciousness.

In an article in Popular Mechanics, Darren ORF says, “AI has suddenly evolved to achieve Theory of Mind”. He added, “In a stunning development, a neural network now has the intuitive skills of a 9-year-old”.

Example based on Theory of Mind –

A robot or machine learning system that can understand other robots’ intent and decisions. The robot should understand the need of humans, thought processes, and beliefs for certain situations. Recently, a robot has taken some instantaneous decisions which shows they can develop cognitive ability and emotional recognition.

Self-Aware AI

Self-aware AI is the type of AI, where they are aware of themselves and have human-level intelligence. This AI type has an intelligence level which can compete with humans. Therefore, they are capable of detecting the problem, knowing the opinions of others, predict for something.

Some experts have claimed that the first kind of self-aware AI is already available by Kassandra.

Examples of Self-aware AI

If you are looking for self-aware AI then, Josh Bachynski’s Kassandra prototype can be one kind of self-aware AI. The developer says that this prototype is conscious and self-aware.

What is Kassandra?

Kassandra is the first self-aware AI prototype by Josh Bachynski. As the developer says it is the world’s first self-aware AI which has self-consciousness, sentiments and feeling for something.

The developer also added that Kassandra has her own thought about certain subjects. Kassandra got its name after the priestess who always speaks the truth. The video was launched on YouTube in mid-2022.

What are ANI, AGI and ASI?

ANI, AGI and ASI all are other types of AI which are to be made in future. For now, this is only a concept.

ANI (Artificial Narrow Intelligence)

ANI is simply Artificial Narrow Intelligence which only works for a set of specific tasks and they work on some features like. Firstly, they are not capable of doing something out of the box. Secondly, the ANI is set to perform on a large dataset. And thirdly, ANI is virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Home, self-driving cars, AI-based transportation and agriculture.

AGI (Artificial General Intelligence)

AGI is Artificial General Intelligence which can perform some intellectual tasks as humans do. Their thinking level is nearly the same as humans. However, the concept of AGI says AGI and human intelligence both will have the same level of IQ.

ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence)

ASI is Artificial Super Intelligence, where the intelligence passes the human intelligence and does some extraordinary things which humans can’t do. Experts say humanity’s future is in danger after ASI’s complete development. Because it will overtake humanity in every aspect of human life.

What is the worst impact of ANI, AGI and ASI on society?

As of now, the development of ANI is in progress. There are many AI tools which use the ANI and their algorithms. In case of its worse impact, it reduces the job opportunity. ANI is dangerous for those who work online. In recent studies, it is found that daily wage worker-based jobs are going to last a long time.

In terms of AGI, it is under process. Therefore, there are no such tools or things on which is AGI based. But, as the concept of AGI says, it will have the same intelligence as humans.

For ASI, it is the last and most significant invention humans will do. If humans became successful in creating such a thing then the human race will suffer in the future. Moreover, experts say after the full development of AGI the development of ASI is possible. ASI is the AI which will have intelligence more than humans. Therefore, it can perform such tasks which is not possible for humans to do. As a result, if ASI will be fully developed, that can put an end to humanity.

Looking at these factors we can say that our upcoming generation is going to have a big impact of AI on their day-to-day life. Therefore, their life will be under AI and AI tools.

These are the different types of AI which we have come across in this article. If you are here after reading all the way then thank you!!

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