Which Country Has the Cheapest data, where is India?

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If you are a heavy internet user, you should visit Israel because it offers the cheapest data for every 1 GB. You will be amazed to know that it offers only $0.04/GB (₹3.24/GB). But at another end, you will again be amazed to know that the country which has the most expensive data is Saint Helena(British Overseas Territory). Saint Helena provides 1 GB of data for $41.06 which is ₹3325.

Top 5 countries with the cheapest data

When it comes to knowing about the world’s cheapest data provider countries, one thing that will be common is the strong infrastructure. The top 5 countries are –

Israel$0.04 (₹ 3.24)
Italy$0.12 (₹ 9.72)
San Mario$0.14 (₹ 11.34)
Fiji$0.15 (₹ 12.15)
India$0.17 (₹ 13.77)

All these countries have access to the 5G network. Like 95% of Israel’s population has access to a 5G network. Whereas Italy has the same numbers of population have access to 5G but Italy provides the cheapest 5G network among all countries.

San Mario is a mountainous microstate in north-central Italy. 100% of their population has a 5G network. It is in one of the smallest countries, but due to its strong infrastructure, it has a good networking system and provides the cheapest data. And then comes Fiji at fourth position and India at fifth position.

Countries with the most expensive data

When it comes to the most expensive data provider countries then Saint Helena comes first. Because of the poor infrastructure, it has the highest cost for 1 GB of data. The top 5 countries that have the most expensive data are –

Saint Helena$41.06 (₹3325.86)
Falkland Island$38.45 (₹3114.45)
Sao Tome and Principe$29.49 (₹2388.69)
Tokelau – Central Africa$17.88 (₹1448.28)
Yemen$16.58 (₹1342.98)

Why India is among the cheapest countries?

Any country’s data can be cheaper if its network infrastructure is strong. In the case of India, it fits the same. India is the 2nd most populated country in the world besides this it maintains the 5th position in the cheapness of data. There are a few more reasons for the cheap data structure like India has-

  1. No fixed line broadband system.
  2. Competition between two providers.
  3. High dependency

India is a country that mostly depends on mobile data usage. India has the least fixed-line broadband system which allows for reducing the rate of per GB data. Due to the high population, there are different-different service providers. But due to some wealthy telecom companies others left the market. And because of this competition, the price of data fell in the market.

High dependency is also one of the main reasons for the low cost of data in India. A high population means high dependency and this leads to a cheaper rate of per GB data.

Difference between Fixed line Broadband and Mobile data

There is a huge difference between fixed-line broadband and mobile data because of its speed and connectivity area. Both have pros and cons. As broadband means it had a certain fixed small area through which you can access its service and use data. But it is not the same for mobile data usage because in mobile data there is a broad range through which anyone can have access if they have subscribed to their network.

In the case of speed, broadband is far better than mobile data. Broadband provides speed in Gigabite while mobile data is limited to Megabite. Broadband has very low latency in comparison to mobile data. Its uploading and downloading speed are also very high in comparison to mobile data.

5G network

5G networks are cellular networks which will work in a small limited area which is called a “Cell”. It has high bandwidth which is transmitted by the router. These cells have very small areas. The size of a cell can vary from 1 sq km to 2 sq km, in this area can have access to millions of smartphones with high speed. Generally, the speed of the 5G network is between 50 Mbps to 1000 Mbps.

  1. The development of 5G communication technology was started in 2008 by NASA and its partner Geoff Brown and Machine-to-Machine Intelligence Corp.
  2. On 12 May 2013, Samsung Electronics stated that they have built the world’s first 5G phone.
  3. In July 2013, Israel and India agrees to work together on the 5th-generation network technology.
  4. Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) Company, on October 1, 2013, to launch the world’s first 5G Network in Japan.
  5. On April 3 2019, South Korea was the first country to adopt the world’s first 5G service. Just hours later, Verizon was the second service provider to launch its service in the United States.

Currently, Italy provides the world’s cheapest 5G service. Italy’s 95% population has access to 5G service.

Is 5G better than Fixed-line Broadband?

In the current scenario if we compare 5G and broadband then both are standing equal but if we see the future 5G is going to be far better than broadband. 5G will be a better option because you can use it easily without limiting your area. As the report says, each cell of the network can have an area of up to 2 sq km of the range which is far better than broadband.

Know more about 5G

A 5G network can deliver up to 20 Gigabits-per-second which is much more than the 4G network speed. Because of its less latency time, it is fast. Currently, the smartphone has a 5G system enabled and can use up to 10 Gbps. It is said that 5G can be best used for the Internet of Things (IoT). The use of IoT is expanding daily because everyone wants everything should be automated with less effort. Due to its fast speed, it can be used efficiently and effectively.

Why U.S. mobile plans are so much expensive?

When we look at the U.S. market we will find there are many reasons for expensive mobile plans. Like there are different and separate plans for each service. If you want to use data, text messages, and calls you have to subscribe for each. If you pay $20 for any plan then that means it can be for text messaging, calling or data usage.

In the U.S. the plan for data is about $5.62 for each 1 GB of data. But, if you buy any plan on monthly basis then you have to pay around $40 and each month there is some extra charge for having a smartphone which sums up to $80.

The U.S. have very low competition between the service provider which is another reason for expensive data. Due to less competition and high demand service providers have rates of their choice.

Who has the cheapest data U.S. or U.K.?

There is a huge difference between the U.S. and the U.K. in terms of data cost. If the U.S. charge $80 for a plan then the same plan can cost $8.80 in the U.K. This difference tells that there is a huge difference between mobile plan structure in U.S. and U.K. but when you look toward China data plan for the same amount it will cost up to $24.10

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