Why IIT Madras been at the top for 4 years

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IIT Madras is again on the top of the list of NIRF Ranking. In this ranking, it is the best institute in India. IIT Madras is one of the recognised institutes in India. Due to the management system and other environment-related services, it is one of the unique and advanced institutes which keep it at the top for 4 years.


In 1956, Prime Minster Javahal Lal Nehru went on a Germany tour. After 3 years, signed a bill to promote engineering colleges in India. In the year 1959, the institute was officially recognised as the Indian Institute of Technology. It is completed under the vision of India and Germany. This Institute is in Chennai (Tamil Nadu). IIT Madras is 3rd IIT in India.

What is important here

IIT Madra is at the top for the last 4 years. Everyone wants to know why this institute is at the top. There is some uniqueness which stands out from other institutes in India.

  1. India’s 1st environmental-friendly institute.
  2. It offers about 92 courses,
  3. Clean environment
  4. High-quality waste management system.
  5. Actively working on Robots and Artificial intelligence.
  6. High-class performance in disability accessories.

Top courses

IIT Madras is famous for its courses in engineering.

  1. Aerospace Engineering
  2. Electrical Engineering
  3. Mechanical Engineering
  4. Civil Engineering

Unique courses – One of its first kind

  1. Online B.Sc. degree Programme
  2. Out-of-the-box thinking

1. Online B.Sc. degree Programme

This course is the world’s first online B.Sc. course programme. In this course, students will be able to join no matter where they are, with no age limit. You will be able to learn Programming and Data Science online and able to get a bachelor’s degree.

Those who have passed 12th or equivalent can apply for these courses or the student who has given the final exam of 11th can apply for these courses. IIT Madras is the only institute that conducts it. They conduct 3 times in a whole academic session. First, in January. Second, in May and Third in September.

2. Out-of-the-box thinking

This course is one of the first of its kind and has been launched by the IIT Madras. In this course, the school student, college students both and working professionals and researchers will involve too.

In this course, the learner will be taught to find the solution by using reasoning. This reasoning is not will be a formula based but will be an idea based. You have to think and solve through your IQ.

It is an online course, which you can avail from your PC on iitm.ac.in. This course is free of cost through IIT Madras Pravartak Technologies Foundation. If you want to complete it with a Grade Certificate then you have to pay a Nominal Fee.

Fee structure

The fee structure differs from course to course for example if you are in B.Tech and using a hostel then you may pay up to 0 to 1,00,000 rupees according to your parent’s annual income. Download the fee structure and click below

Institute fees

Hostel fees

How to Qualify for engineering courses

A simple Qualification process for the engineering courses for any IIT is to qualify for JEE Mains conducted by NTA and after qualifying for JEE Mains students have to clear JEE Advance. The TOP student who has qualified for both the test will get IIT respective to their ranking on the basis of the All India Rank (AIR).

This JEE Mains and Advance exam will be for Under Graduate students. But, the student who wants to do for Post-Graduation can qualify GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Exam.

Other exams to qualify for engineering and other courses

  1. GAM
  2. CAT

1. GAM

In this exam, the student qualifies for the Post-Graduate courses and PhD courses. It is an online process and can be filled out in the online form.

2. CAT

CAT stands for Common Admission Test. If anyone wants to fulfil his dream in Management Courses then he/she can qualify this exam to take admission in MBA in IIMs.


CSIR NET is an exam which anyone can qualify to become Lecturer and Assistance Professor. This exam is been conducted two times a year.

About measuring methodology

India’s any institute can’t find a place under the Top 300 in the world’s best institutes in any field. So, in 2016 India itself made their own list for all universities in India to be ranked. In this list, IIT Madras is at the top for the last 4 consecutive years. The measuring methodology is used called the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF).

Parameters to measure the ranking in NIRF

  1. Teaching (T)
  2. Learning (L)
  3. Resources (R)

1. Teaching (T)

Teaching is one of the important parameters to measure ranking. Teachers play a crucial role in constructing students’ futures. The quality of teacher teaching in the college defines how good a college can be. The way a teacher is teaching and the way they are explaining to students. The technique they are telling to solve the problem is also taken in the parameter.

2. Learning (L)

Learning is another parameter to measure the ranking of the institution. In this parameter, the learning process is the main aspect and by what technique the students are getting the education. The use of technology and teaching the positive effect of technology in the future world is too important. So, teaching them is too important..

3. Resources (R)

Resources are the parameters in which the main focus is to see what types of resources the students and teachers are getting by the faculty. What types of labs are present and their equipment and all the necessary things.

Research and Professional Practise

NIRF also determines what research and Professional practice are done by the students and teachers. The quality of research is also undertaken and what are the results are coming from the research. Research and Professional practice always work to uplift the institute.

Graduation Outcomes

Graduation outcomes is a statical survey that is taken after 15 months of the completion of the higher studies. Its main motive is to see, what are the outcomes on the basis of employment and the value of higher education and qualification.

On the basis of this report, anyone can say what type of quality and outcomes are there to complete higher education from that institute.

Outreach and Inclusivity

In this parameter, there are certain point which is taken –

  1. What per cent of the students are coming from other states or other countries and this is called Region diversity (RD).
  2. Percentage of women (Women Diversity [WD]).
  3. Economically and Socially challenged students (ESCS).
  4. Facilities for physically challenged students (PCS).
  5. Perception Ranking (PR).

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