Why People Quit Coding as a beginner

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I was watching a video and a pop-up ad just changed my life. Yeah!! It just made the things different but interesting. Clicked, saw the video and from the very next day written “Hello World” “I am a beginner” and my coding life just started within one day. Hello, this is Prashant Jaiswal. Here, we will talk about Why People Quit Coding as a beginner.

1. I will be a software developer in next 6 months

Almost 95% of the coder think that I will be a software developer in next 6 months and this is the 1st reason why they quit coding because in this race they are irregular and can’t continue as they started.

Computer work on foreign language and is the main reason why it is so difficult to understand I am a victim of this. I quit coding in 2nd month of my coding life and started 2 months later again. The Computer is based on the analytical thinking. If you could think like a computer or understand how the computer works, then you could learn this language, like nobody. You have to give your 101% to that. It will test your patience level, thinking level, the strength of your mind.

What I’ve faced, You’ll too

Reality of coding is far different what we see and what we listen to Social Media. Coding needs your passion towards it. It also needs the discipline. Social Media is all about to entertain people who don’t have work to do or it’s for businessman who want to entertain people and earn money.

You will start learning coding and you can see everything is very easy and you can understand it. But, when you come back after a week you can’t remember anything. That’s the main problem related to coding. Therefore, it’s best solution is to practice it often.

2. Don’t have Right Roadmap

We as a beginner, forget to have such roadmap which is in the right direction and can lead you to your destination. For example, We saw a video that tells the benefits and the usage of the course we liked it and now we want to pursue our dream in that profession without any research in that field.

After a month, you can’t understand anything, how the things are going on. You need an extra tutorial everyday. This is because you don’t have right roadmap, your basis is not clear and you are learning next level thing.

What I’ve faced, You’ll too

Your basis should be like a concrete base. You shouldn’t go to the next tutorial every time you learn something new. That was my fault and every time I was neglecting that. This was the biggest mistake I have made while coding. There I have learned that roadmap is very important.

Without roadmap you will confuse what to learn and what to leave and in this confusion your mind will be diverted daily to learn new things. But, coding is not like that. Here, you have to stick to that topic at the very end. You have to solve 50-60 examples for every topic, which is not possible without right roadmap.

3. Not an Active Learner

People say “Be an Active Learner”. But, what its meaning is being an active learner always means that what experience you are getting from your environment mix with your learning process and the result will be amazing. If you are learning Javascript then stick to that topic till you can teach anyone about that topic. You should learn other related things from other sources to that topic to increase your knowledge related that topic. Gaining extra knowledge needs extra energy and extra effort and this results in extra fruitful results.

India’s 101 unicorn Ed tech startup ‘Physics Wallah’ founder once tell “how the path of success is”-“The more successful you want to be, the narrower the path is.” – Alakh Pandey

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall” – Nelson Mandela

So, from this we can say that active learning can be a gem for us in our learning process.

What I’ve faced, You’ll too

Learning code is not an easy task, it leads to frustration and demotivation. Coding is the language which tests your patience level and discipline. You have to stick to the screen for hours. For a simple problem you can take hours to solve it and some time for a single mistake you can’t figure it out how to solve it.

When I started learning PHP, I used to quit it everyday in my first month, but somehow I regain my courage to stick to it every new day. Coding will test you every hour and every day and this is the truth of coding. But only as a beginner. If you understand how the things work and how the coding works, then you can master it easily.

4. Rote Learning doesn’t work

People think that by memorizing codes it will be easy and to learn. But, you only can memorize a topic or 10-15 questions, then you will be stuck again. If you are an online learner than you have the biggest problem that is “how to solve it”. For some problem you have to work hard to find the answer.

What I’ve faced, You’ll too

In the starting if something I can’t understand than I used to memorize it. But, later I couldn’t remember anything related that and then I used to be depressed and thinking about my future. So, you should not rote the things try to understand the things. It will take time, but in the long run, your base will be strong as much as concrete.

From the childhood we have heard that “Karat Karat Abhyas Te Jadmati Hot Sujan” which means “Practice Make a Man Perfect” and here it follows the most. The more you practice, the more you will get results.

5. Comparing Others to Yourself

From the very first day we start comparing ourselves to others and this can ruin our whole career of coding. The more we will compare ourselves to the others, the worse we will feel about us. That person and you both are different. You both possess different characteristics, you both come with different backgrounds, then how you can suppose you are not as good as him.

I started learning code online and this was very tough for me. Because, everyday I could see someone or other coming and telling how much capable he is and then I was disappointed again. With time it became very dangerous for me.

Later, I understand that they too must have gone through the same tough situation. I gathered myself and with all my passion and dedication and I started once again.

What I’ve faced, You’ll too

The situation to compare yourself to others like a disease which can be much dangerous for anyone. To put an end to this cycle anyone can do simple 3 things to avoid this. I have tried and I’ll recommend you to too.

  • Love yourself
  • Be Positive
  • Find your strength and work more on that

Loving yourself is the most important that anyone should do. You’ll become independent when you love yourself. Then, you have much time to do rather than thinking about someone else. You will find your self esteem is high, you are confident to speak to anyone. Loving yourself will maintain your health and growth in the body you will find you are happier than earlier.

Being Positive will always take you to your destination. Being positive is a good practice for a beginner in coding and in any part of the life.

As much as it is necessary to work on weakness, it is equally important to work on your strength. So, a regular practice can continue your strength as biggest weapon. With time everything changes, today’s weakness can be your future strength. So, never ever lose your hope form single person demotivation and from their success.

Not Sure What to do in the Future

If you are not sure about your future, then only in a month or two you are going to give up on your dream. Coding is all about passion and dedication to your work and for your future. If you are not sure what to do then it is only going to be a short story to tell to your grandchildren. But, if your future goal is coding and becoming a software developer then you have to work like ruthlessly.

When you have a motive to do the work you will feel energized to do that work. Being sure for any work is very important to complete that work successfully.

What I’ve faced, You’ll too

If you will not be sure about your future, then your regularity and continuity will be affected. In starting I was not regular. So, if I had a 2 day break, then all the schedule breaks. Coding needs continuity and regularity. For a year or more you have to work regularly on the language you want to learn and the right roadmap would take you in a right direction.

At last, I want to tell you that the only way to learn a computer language is to work hard. Self engaging is the main focusing point in this profession. If you want to be a successful coder and a software developer then you have to control on your distraction. You also have to control on your anger for your mistakes. You should perform meditation daily for your focusing mind.


Life is like a calculation where sometimes you add something and other time you subtract something. So, same is to code. Through coding you will figure out new aspects of life and how to live life.

😊 Thank you for reading! 😊

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