Impact Of AI In Today’s Education System

The Impact of AI on education

By the way, if we see, as our way of living is changing, similarly our way of educating ourselves is also evolving. The impact of AI is going to be everywhere in the next few years. But, Artificial Intelligence has already knocked in the field of education. AI tools made things super easy. Like, students can simply send an image of a maths problem to AI tools and AI does it in seconds.

The collaboration of AI tools with education opens a huge source of data for a single topic. As we know that everything has it’s bad and good. So, the impact of AI is also big either in the case of positive or negative.

The positive impact of AI

The positive impact of AI increases the efficiency of doing work. It saves time in doing work. Because it can do work in no time with minimum cost. There are various fields of impact which are as follows –

  1. Digital Education
  2. Personalised learning Experience
  3. Cost reduction
  4. High knowledge resources
  5. Effective learning

Digital Education

In the last decade, the growth of digital education springs up like mushrooms. Convent schools are having smart classes and VR classes. These classes are designed in such a way that they provide high-quality education. The scope of digital education increased after the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly all the teachers came on online platforms to educate students.

Tech giants built many more apps and online portals which are collaborating with AI tools. These apps’ AI knows and learns everything like all AI does. They solve mathematics questions and answers the question.

Personalised learning experience

The personalised learning experience means the method of training to teach the learner in a unique way. Here, the students learn their course through e-learning via video or ebooks. These learning platforms are built in such a way that track the progress of the student regularly.

Personalised Learning is an advanced form of learning. Earlier, the success of the course can be determined when the chapter is completed through exercises but now random popup questions could predict how the child is learning.

Now the whole system of e-Learning is based on AI. This system of education is made in such a way that is student centred.

Every child has some unique characteristics so, developing that unique quality and training to deliver it in the best possible way is the motive of the Personalized learning experience. There are many personalized learning platforms online or offline anyone can benefit from them.

Cost Reduction

After the Industrial Revolution started in 1760, man suffered the most from the introduction of the “Machine”. Every time a new machine comes, a new problem also comes. After the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, mankind is seeing a new threat to itself.

AI reduces human labour and saves time. Now reducing labour means spending less money or spending money at a time to buy that machine. AI works on a lot of algorithms which use millions of data to deliver the result.

These features of AI help the students and creators to reduce the cost of the project. AI uses trillions of data sets to prove something right or wrong. Sometimes it bias but most of the time it provides the right and unbiased results. So, we can say that AI reduces the cost of getting any result.

High Efficiency

Experts say AI will replace humans in some time because of its high efficiency. AI is highly efficient to do some of the most difficult things to do for humans. It is highly capable of understanding the task and handling it smoothly.

AI can process the task and find the best possible way to solve the riddle. It works on millions of datasets for its results. Due to its high efficiency, it does the work in no time or takes very less time.

Nowadays, students are using ChatGPT to solve their mathematics problems and find the best answer to the questions. Students are also exploring other AI tools available in the market like Midjourney, Google Bard, and DALL-E.

Broad Knowledge Resources –

Broad Knowledge resources are the key to solving the problem for both teachers and students. These AI-regulated resources are present to solve the questions and related problems according to their syllabus. Due to high accuracy, any of the people can trust the result.

They help to learn many new perspectives on a single topic and make it easy to understand and learn easily. AI tools make the topic so easy to understand.

Effective Learning

When it comes to Effective Learning, AI makes it more effective to learn and understand at the same time. As times is changing, AI is becoming more powerful. Now, if you search for a simple topic AI will suggest full detailed material, with images and videos.

Effective learning can be more powerful if it is delivered by pictorial education. Science says the human mind is very conscious when it sees pictures, and videos and listens to audio.

Artificial Intelligence has the capacity to play a wide role in delivering powerful and effective learning by indulging itself in popup ideas, facts, images and related videos.

Negative Impact of AI on Education

As we already knew that every aspect has its positive and negative so AI has. The telephone was like a boon for the world but after the innovation of the mobile phone things are changing from boon to bane. Similarly, this is the initial era of AI and people are using it like a boon but in some years it is going to change.

Reduce thinking skill

We human being always loves rest and peace and at some time it leads to laziness. The same AI does to the human body. Due to the high reliability of AI, students can not focus and think. So, as AI is so fast our human mind can not concentrate and which reduces thinking skills.

Lack of innovative thinking skill

Easiness in education due to AI and AI tools makes us lazy and dumb. Let’s think if we have a magical wand which can do all sorts of work, then we will not going to work hard to do any job and in some time our bodies will not work. Just like that, AI is going to do with our life.

We only have to write prompts on ChatGPT or on any picture-generative AI, AI does all the work. How can our brains be sharp when here we do nothing but only write prompts?

Bias and discrimination in results

AI is based on algorithms and it uses pre-existing data to give results. If the data is biased and is not correct then the result will also be not right. Many AI tools give their result from Google search which is always not correct. When machine learning (ML) occurs any mistake can be called an AI-biased.

If you visit ChatGPT home page you will see some of its limitations –

  1. May occasionally generate incorrect information
  2. May occasionally produce harmful instructions or biased content

These points indicate that even big tech giants’ AI tools are not so accurate and can be biased.

Unemployment of teachers

In this AI age, teaching and corporate-based jobs are going to face problems. Now students are not going to take coaching and tuition classes because of the sufficient study material. Nearly every student is having an online subscription to courses other than going for tuition classes.

Any teacher who has a big fan following can get success in online classes. For every problem related to courses, there is AI. Experts are predicting that in some time AI-based robots can be our teachers. If such a thing happens then this is going to affect human life in every aspect.

Reduces Human Interaction

In ancient times there were gurukuls where Guru gives lessons to their Shishya at that time human interaction was at its highest. After the commencement of technology like smartphones and computers, human interaction reduces. Now, AI is changing the whole scenario of human interaction. People are confined only between smartphones and computers.

A decade ago for any problem, people ask with their colleagues and parents but now due to AI and the advancement of technology, people only ask Google and ChatGPT. These are such factors which are affecting humans and their mindsets.

Reduces Physical Strength

Weak physical strength has emerged as a huge negative point ever since smartphones and computers come. Children are spending a lot of their time on smartphones which restricts them to play so outdoor games. They play mobile games which don’t add any benefits to their body strength.

Nowadays children are not interested in doing physical activity or even playing outdoors. Due to mobile phones, their schedule totally changed compared to the 2000s. Today every day is like a new day where something is happening new. So, children are engaging in that and didn’t want to do something which is beneficial for them and their bodies.

These are the negative impact of AI on education as well as on humans.

If you are here after reading all the way then thank you…..

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