How To Know How Many Mobile Numbers are linked with Your Aadhar

We are living in the world of technology. Everything is now technical. As we are continuously engaging with technology and same the area of fraud is increasing day by day. After the launch of the Aadhar Card, nearly everything is linked with your Aadhar. So, the fraudsters are targeting Aadhar to withdraw money using Aadhar.

The Department of Telecommunication (DoT) is a ministry which maintains the authority of the service providers and contains data on all SIMs allocation in India. Under the ministry of Telecommunication Fraud Management Portal is initiated which is termed TAF – COP. It lists the number of fraud Mobile Numbers allocated to a certain Aadhar card.

How to know how many numbers are there

Knowing how many numbers are there can be in just a simple step. Reporting those numbers which are not yours and submitting it can be the task you have to do. Let’s learn how to do it.

Home page of TAFCOP

1. Visit Telecom Analysis for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection Portal known TAFCOP.

Note:- When you will visit the TAFCOP website you will see this facility is available only to Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Rajasthan and Telangana Consumers. But after April 2022 this website is for everyone across India.

2. Enter your Mobile Number.

3. Now, click on Request OTP.

4. Enter the OTP received on your mobile number.

List of mobile number linked with your Aadhar

5. After entering OTP you will see Number Linked with your Aadhar.

6. You can see a block for the Name of the User. Fill in your name.

Select unknown number

7. Select the number which is unknown and you don’t want to link with your Aadhar.

8. Click on the Not Required tab if you want to deactivate that SIM or click on the This is not my number.

9. Then click on the Report tab.

Click on not required and report it,

10. You will receive a pop-up message of successful submission of your request and you will get the Ticket ID Reference Number.

Note:- Write down the Ticket ID reference Number for future reference.

Important Instruction after submitting it

When you will successfully submit your request you will get a Ticket ID reference number. So, after 24 hours check your request through your Ticket ID reference number.

Let’s assume If you forgot to write it down to your Ticket ID reference number. Therefore, take your mobile phone and see your message inbox. The SMS is sent through APTDOT service provider.

How to cancel your request

Now, log in to TAFCOP through your mobile number and submit OTP and there you will find Track/Cancel option. You will see the following numbers which you have reported. You can see the request is pending. So, if you want to cancel the request click on the cancel button.

Note- For confirmation of your request it takes 24 hours. Sometimes, it takes more than that. Therefore, you can cancel your request before it gets confirmation.

Knowing the terms and your actions

When you will enter your mobile number and you see the three following terms you might be confused about which command performs what action. So, let’s learn.

This is not my number

When you will report through this option this means that you are only telling that this number doesn’t belong to you. Then, there will be some questions to the reported number owner to verify their number. Therefore, if they are unable to tell the required information their mobile number is supposed to be blocked.

Not required

In this option anyone who finds some unknown numbers can click and just report the issue it is likely to be blocked within 24 hours. Simply, you are saying that this number is not required by me or anyone else.


There is one option required this is to notify them that this is your number and you want it to run as usual.

Important things you should know

When you will enter your mobile number and enter your OTP you might be thinking they haven’t asked for your Aadhar Card this is because of privacy. Therefore, if you have more than one SIM on one Aadhar Card then you will see the list of numbers will be shown which you have on your Aadhar card.

Before reporting check whether the listed numbers are yours or not. Also, check what is the status of your reported numbers.

Is it trustworthy?

When we log in to the TAFCOP website we will see this website is under the Indian government and a government website is most trustworthy. So, you can trust this website and see what is happing with your Aadhar card. TAFCOP comes under the ministry of the Department of Telecommunication(DoT). Therefore, this is one more reason to trust this website.

These are the simple steps anyone can follow and see how many SIMs are running on your Aadhar number. So, simply read the blog and get the thing done.

Thanks for reading!!!

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