What is AGI? Top Companies Working on AGI

AGI a new tools to empower the world

AGI is Artificial General Intelligence which is an advanced version of AI. For now, AGI is in its initial phase. Experts have different opinions about AGI. Some experts say AGI will completely develop by 2070 while some say the development of AGI is not possible. In other words, when AI starts thinking like a human mind and responds like a human can be termed AGI.

Top AI companies are working on the development of AGI. So far nothing has come from which we can say that this is the AGI. Only a certain concept of AGI can be the base in future.

What is AGI?

AGI can be defined as ” The AI which can perform any intellectual task as humans perform.” In the last few years, things are changing rapidly in the AI field. A year back, the things I couldn’t imagine is happening with the help of AI and its tools.

The next era is going to be AI and AI-related services. Experts say the next unicorn startup is going to be AI-based.

Recently, a 10 billion dollar company NetDragon announces that their CEO would be AI. The company also said the major decision would be taken by the CEO as earlier. The company believes that this way they can boost their workspace and efficiency.

Top companies which are working on AGI

After the evolution of AI and its tools, companies are in the AGI race. Generative AI plays a very important role in the advancement of AI to AGI. After the ChatGPT by OpenAI, companies are launching their APIs and tools for different works. There are a lot of companies which are working on AGI but the list of top companies are –

  1. OpenAI
  2. Anthropic
  3. Adept
  4. SingularityNET
  5. HyperScience
  6. Google Brain


OpenAI released a statement about the AGI on February 24, 2023. They say after the complete development of AGI will help humans to elevate humanity. The commencement of AGI will give humans new capabilities. In the world of AGI, humans will have access to any cognitive task.

OpenAI also warns that the creation of AGI can be also dangerous if it is misused. Moreover, can lead to drastic accidents and social disturbance. AGI can be so powerful when developed.


Anthropic is another AI company which is working to develop AGI. Anthropic’s goal is to solve the problem of AGI independently. Anthropic says it is going to be next-generation AI assistance and which will play a huge role in the sector of AGI. In addition, the company also believe that, don’t tell what you are going to do, but show them what you have accomplished.

Anthropic can be a leading company in the world of AGI. Furthermore, researchers are endlessly working on different projects which will be beneficial for the futuristic concept of AGI.

Adept AI

Adept AI is a startup building a program to assist people in doing their work. The company is using different APIs and software to train itself. Moreover, they convert text into digital instruction action. They are working endlessly in the field of AGI.

What are Adept’s Mission

Adept’s mission is to empower knowledge workers everywhere. They focus on building a powerful machine-learning model which can interact with humans. The system will learn new ways of interacting by itself every time. Adept is focused on creating AI assistance for everyone. These AI assistants will be more focused on decision-making and assisting.

The company is working on a model that will collaborate human intelligence with computer intelligence.


SingularityNET is the world’s leading decentralised AI. It runs on blockchain. SingularityNET was founded by Dr Ben Goertzel. The mission is to create a decentralised democratic AI. Moreover, the company has goals to provide such a type of AGI which should be free for all.

Firstly, the program will not be under any entity. Secondly, the AGI should be open to all without any restriction of use. Thirdly, should be built on decentralised AI. Lastly, the motive should be to establish a bond between humans and AI. SingularityNET is one of the top AGI-based growing companies.

Team of Experts

The company said, ” We will work with different professionals. The occupations are like engineers, scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs. All the more, their experts will study the stats and will continuously upgrade the quality of AI and AGI.


Hypersciece is another AI-based company which is working on an accurate intelligent document processing platform which is powered by Machine Learning. HyperScience’s main motive is human and AI collaboration.

Focused to create such a platform which will give a user-friendly experience. The company also tries to provide the exact and accurate data which users want. They are building such a platform which will read much complex text and understand the motive of the text. The platform will also read handwritten text, images, PDFs and emails.

Company’s Mission

The company’s target is to develop technology that automates documents using machine learning. At the same time, they are also balancing the human experience with AI-based programs. Additionally, they are building such ethical AI programs which target humans to be part of the long-term business requirements.

HyperScience and their Ethical AI practises

HyperScience’s practice with ethical AI. The company ensures that AI should be used in such a way that it provides the solution to human problems. Ethical AI means the algorithms that follow ethical transparency, and neutrality.

The motive of ethical AI is to provide the right guidance about ethical decisions provided by Artificial Intelligence. Recently, UNESCO published the ethics of Artificial Intelligence. There are multiple benefits of ethical AI it can help in transportation, education, farming, machinery, and the health sector. Therefore, these AI will ensure the safety of humankind.

Google Brain

Google Brain is a subsidiary of Google AI which is a deep-learning artificial intelligence research team. In 2011, Google Brain was started and later a Google X project started. Google X was a successful project of Google Brain. The team was made to make machines intelligent and smart.

In April 2023, Google Brain is merging with Alphabet’s subsidiary DeepMind team to form Google DeepMind. In terms of AGI, Google DeepMind is working to form something fruitful. The company has not yet given any statement that can tell that something new has happened in the field of AGI.

AGI and humans

How AGI can change the world?

AGI will play a wide role in the renovation of the world. As the concept of AGI says, in the future AI and robots are going to challenge the human race. Moreover, we humans should be aware of what intelligence AI is gaining. As expected by the experts, AGI will gradually evolve. Moreover, after complete development, it may be superior to humans.

Some of the future’s most important billion-dollar businesses are based on AGI. Firstly, the Internet of Things is going to be a big market. Secondly, Healthcare technology has huge potential to be on a billion-dollar list. Thirdly, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence based companies will have a huge impact on the market soon. Lastly, Bioenergy based companies will be also on this list.

How AI is different from AGI?

The main difference between AI and AGI is to know that ArtificiaI Intelligence (AI) work on narrow AI while AGI works on General AI. Narrow AI is to do a specific task. On the other hand, General AI has a wide range to do tasks and work like humans. It thinks like the human mind with intellectual thinking.

This is all about AGI and the development of AGI till now. Researchers are endlessly working on AGI and making the concept true.

If you are here after reading all the way then thank you a lot.

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